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For our client, an international startup in the expansion phase operating in the wellness industry, we are looking for a member to join the development team. We are seeking individuals who thrive in remotely managed teams, are responsible, and effectively manage their work.


  • Proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript and experience in building applications using the React framework.
  • Familiarity with the MUI (Material-UI) framework for building user interfaces
  • Experience with Redux for managing the state of the user interface
  • Experience working with MongoDB Atlas as the primary database technology, with some knowledge of PostgreSQL
  • Proficient in using Git for version control and collaboration within a development team.
  • Familiarity with Jira for managing project requirements, tasks, and issues.
  • Experience using Confluence for documentation and knowledge sharing within the team.


  • Develop, test, and enhance front-end features to deliver exceptional user experiences, improve efficiency, and provide valuable data insights to users.
  • Work closely with users and the product owner to under stand the business requirements and context.
  • Collaborate with back-end developers to integrate with other micro services within the product.
  • Integrate with external systems and databases, utilizing CI/CD pipelines established by DevOps engineers to deploy code across different environments.
  • Collaborate with fellow front-end developers to share knowledge, exchange technical patterns, and implement best practices to enhance performance across all products.
  • Conduct comprehensive testing of software functionality, ensuring high quality, fault-tolerance, performance, and scalability.



76,000€ annually

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Kornelia Bilons

International Executive Manager