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Partnership - we will be your best business partner

Talfi - Your HR Solutions PartnerTalfi - Your HR Solutions Partner

Without partnership

For companies that only conduct 1-3 recruitment processes per year

Highest quality of services

9 months guarantee

No monthly cost

17% Success fee

Hire with us

With partnership

For companies that conduct more than 3 recruitment processes per year, having an efficient and effective recruitment process is critical for success.

Highest quality of services

9 months guarantee

800€ per month

13% Success fee

Become a partner

What is Talfi Partnership

If your organisation is growing rapidly and needs a reliable partner in talent acquisition, Team Talfi is here to assist! Our Partnership Program helps you reduce recruitment costs, and we work on a success fee basis – the most effective way of finding candidates tailored to your company's specific needs.

So join us and get the best out of your talent acquisition today!

Talfi - Your HR Solutions Partner

Become our client and get access to the most suitable candidates for your organisation

At Talfi, our daily focus is on supporting your business and helping you succeed. We strive to find the candidates that are the perfect fit for your company's structure and organisational culture.

Cost-effective talent acquisition processes

Thanks to our Partner Program, recruiting new employees for your company will become more cost-effective, flexible, and tailored to the unique needs of your organisation.

Expert consultants

Our consultants are highly knowledgeable about their specialisations and have an extensive network of qualified candidates across Europe. With their comprehensive understanding of the industry, they can quickly identify the best talent for each position.


Thanks to our help, you can meet the growing recruitment needs of your company with ease, without the need to build a costly, time-consuming internal recruitment team.

Let’s talk

You have more questions about partnership? Don’t hesitate to reach out

Kornelia Walewska - Talfi - Your HR Solutions Partner

Kornelia Bilons

International Executive Manager